my nappy bag essentials (at Talkmum)

Mum Essentials


if you’re interested, I’m over at Talkmum today talking about my nappy bag essentials for mum (and baby). let me know what you think, and whether you agree (or what else you’d add).

1//Bobble water bottle 2//hair elastics 3//camera 4//McQ scarf 5//Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
6//hand sanitizer 7//L’Occitane hand cream 8//Lanisoh nursing pads 9//iPhone 10//Nars lipstick 11//Batiste dry shampoo
12//Burts Bees lip balm 13//Whistles travel card wallet 14//baby wipes 15//Chloe perfume 16//Lipsy sunglasses
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2 thoughts on “my nappy bag essentials (at Talkmum)

  1. Gemma

    What on hip flask? ;o) Although on a serious note I never go anywhere without bog standard ordinary Vaseline, good for lips, chapped cheeks and dribble rash!

  2. Gemma

    What no hip flask? Just kidding, but my essential is plain old vaseline, good for my chapped lips and his chapped cheeks in this awful weather and dribble rash.


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