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I think the only way you could gain approval for your time-management, as a mother, would be to look after your children all the time as well as working full-time but for some socially useful enterprise (ideally voluntary work), while never relying on a man for money, yet never claiming benefits either, but God forbid that you should have a private income.

Zoe Williams (writing in The Guardian)

It struck a chord with me, this did, as I came across this on my daily trawl through the newspapers for my job. It struck a chord with me as I cleaned my teeth at the kitchen sink because the tap in the bathroom is broken, so I had to jam it shut and now am afraid to turn it back on for fear of it never stopping; as I left my toothbrush on the side instead of returning it to the bathroom, because M is away on a business trip and I am in.charge. and I don’t mind it lying there untidily like he would. When I was cleaning up vomit at 7am, or racing back to the nursery at 6.05pm because the good people of Crouch End cannot drive (or their cars are too big for the road) and I was stuck in a traffic jam.

There is not enough time & something I don’t do will upset someone. So I choose the things that are important to me, or are necessary, and I cram in everything else where possible. And attempt not to feel guilty or apologetic. Hence the lack of blog posts this week and the fact that I promised a post about our holiday and the next in the series of working mums posts, which is coming soon too.

And speaking of quotes which spoke to me this week; add this one to the mix:

“Kids do not want more time with their mothers. They want their mums to be less stressed and tired”

(Marcus Buckingham)

This, my friends, is, odd as it looks, why I went back to work. (back soon!)


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