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It’s almost here: tomorrow I will be heading to Britmums Live as a Lolly Ambassador for my sponsor, Yellow Lolly.

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Yellow Lolly has been a long time favourite of mine and I’m thrilled to be their ambassador at Britmums. I’ve written a little before about why I am a fan of Yellow Lolly, but I wanted to share the good news that they have been awarded a Let Toys Be Toys Toymark, recognising shops doing a great job of offering toys to girls and boys alike.

Ellie, one half of Yellow Lolly has this to say:

“We love labels who favour bold colour, ethical production methods, and unisex pieces. We have always stocked a range of Scandinavian brands as, with many areas of life including education and gender equality, the Scandinavians seem to be ahead of the curve with clothing and toys, and less prone to the dreaded pink/blue divisions that have dominated a lot of childrenswear and toy retail in this country.”

I am a big supporter of decisions not being made by sex or gender. I bang on and on about allowing Pip to find her own interests and decisions and favourites without imposing the societal norms and preferences of ‘normal’ or even what I choose. One of the very first things I loved about Yellow Lolly was that the search option is either age or type – it’s easier to navigate, those are the only two things that I think are important.

Ellie says:

“By reducing the options available we reduce our children’s chance to express themselves, to explore their potential selves. What is childhood for, if not for exploring and discovering who we are, who we want to be? And if you’ve ever had a fight with a toddler about what they do or don’t want to wear, you’ve been a part of that journey, too.

The more divisions we add to the mix, the harder we make it for the child, and their parent, that does not fit into the narrow boxes of conventional gender definition.

When a customer asks us “Are these (neon orange, skinny fit) jeans suitable for a boy?” or “Are these (plain green) shorts OK for a girl to wear” we always respond with a cheery “I can’t see why not!”. If that child is comfortable in their choices, then why not? We like to describe our clothes as being ‘For Mini Individuals’ and we hope that their wearers will grow up to be BIG individuals too, able to have fun making their own choices.

Many of our customers tell us that they like our site specifically because it does not offer ‘Search By Gender’ options. Instead, searching by the age of your child, or the type of clothing you need is just as effective a way to reduce the number of items to chose from, and applies none of the rigid definitions we find so unhelpful.”

(you can read the rest of the post here on the excellent Let Toys be Toys blog, a quite frankly wonderful campaign of which I am also a great supporter).

For those that are going, see you there (please come and say hi!) and for those that aren’t, I’ll be back full of wonderful content from an inspiring weekend.

Top photo by Anna Gordon.



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8 thoughts on “Britmums & Yellow Lolly

  1. Laura

    It was really lovely to meet you in person if only for a minute – hopefully we can talk properly next time – you had such a lovely sponsor :) and I hope you had fun

    Laura x

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