Surviving motherhood…

I think I sat down to write a post about Buster turning 6 months old and then a plague of colds and bugs came along and we had the craziest few weeks… and now he is well over 7 months old, maternity leave has ended and I am on annual leave before I go back to work in January. I literally do not know where the time goes, nor how I am going to add a full time job back into this crazy mix!


Anyway, a little update – and a link to my newest category. A close friend had her baby this past weekend and even though little Buster was only born this past summer that newborn time seems a lifetime away now. He is crawling, standing, shouting, grabbing, eating meals and saying “mum mum mum”… still just about a baby but surely walking cannot be too far away now. I am already a little nostalgic for his newborn days, and I can’t wait to meet my friends little one. It is rather a mindf**k that in only a few years our little ones will be essentially the same age (albeit different school years) as there is only 7 months between them!

Over the past 5 years of writing this particular blog I have written what I hope are a good selection of helpful posts in amongst my occasional life updates, and so, after my friend said she had been looking for one of those essentials posts but couldn’t find it, I thought I’d try and collate some of the best bits into a The Little Pip guide to surviving pregnancy and motherhood. So far I’ve managed to include 2 posts which I think will be most helpful to her at the moment but I will be going back and adding in links to everything I think will be useful (including my toiletries and nappy creams round up! the excitement!)

We are also coming to the end of Pip’s first term at school. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that having an active baby and a reception aged child would make for a very busy few months but somehow I still was. My hopes of blogging every day disappeared entirely and I’ve basically been spinning the plates ever faster until they all collapsed into illness last week when I actually had to go to bed for the day.

Pip has settled so well in to school and I am so very proud of her. I am very much looking forward to her Christmas play later this week and then spending some time together over Christmas before I start work again. She is an absolute delight to hang out with. Some of her best comments are still coming week on week “Carol… who is Carol?” when asked whether she’d like to go and listen to some Christmas carols at the weekend, and is extremely generous. We have worked together on putting together a Bags of Kindness bag for a homeless woman this Christmas and she very sweetly offered up a rucksack she had been given after an event during the summer for us to put the things in that we have been collating.

And there goes the end of the post, as Buster, napping Scandi style whilst I type away outside the cafe in hat and gloves, has woken… To be continued… x



  1. What Lia Eats December 15, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    I can’t believe he is 7 months! CRAZY times, it just goes so fast doesn’t it. You made me laugh about “who is Carol?” as India said exactly the same thing – hilarious!!

  2. Lori December 16, 2016 / 11:34 am

    It’s so crazy how quickly time flies past isn’t it! Such a blur, you must be so proud of Pip being such a fab sis x

  3. Lottie | Oyster & Pearl December 16, 2016 / 11:45 am

    Your new category sounds really useful – will be directing my friends with newborns your way!

  4. Kathryn December 19, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    OMG he’s never 7 months already. Glad to hear Pip has settled in well. We’re relieved Bea has settled well at school too. Watching her singing xmas songs was all kinds of lovely last week xx

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